Noble Exercise


About Noble Exercise

Noble exercise means Human kindness exercise. Without this practice, we are horrible animals on the planet. This cultivation of human kindness is strongly connected with what you eat(diet), what you think(meditation), and what you do(exercise). Time is running out, be the change!


Create Happy Karma

How you treat others = how you will be treated. 

Therefore, treat others like the way you like to be treated.

Because what you do to others come back to you in this or next lifetime as karma. Create your own karma, and the karma will follow you forever as your shadow. Again, be careful what you do to others or animals or the Earth. Create happy karma instead, and then you can live in heaven in this life and after.


Easiest way to obtain HAPPINESS

The easiest way to obtain HAPPINESS

When you are unhappy and feeling unworthy of living, the easiest way to obtain HAPPINESS and LOVE is to save others. Do volunteer or actively involved to protect animals. When others say thank you or smile at you, you feel warm and rewarded. Serving and helping weaker is the most powerful way to feel LOVED and no medications can perform this miracle.

What you can do to be a hero: Free to act


↓↓↓Report Animal Cruelty↓↓↓

What you can do for FREE at least is to sign petitions or write a letter to places/people who abuse animals to STOP abusing other life.

Your human-kindness starts from there.

[Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home - Film Trailer]

Open your eyes. Trust your heart. Take the journey. 


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