Your Eggs create this reality - you can end it

Male Chicks Ground Up Alive in Eggs Production

Investigation: Aussie Farms ( and Animal Liberation ( Chicks Ground Up Alive in Eggs Production.

You Won’t Believe How Eggs Are Made

A breaking Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at Gray Ridge Egg Farms—one of Canada’s largest egg producers—has exposed the dark underbelly of the egg industry.

Through their eyes

An undercover investigation sheds light on the first day in the lives of chicks in the meat industry – from their own perspective. Cameras, placed on the conveyor belt and other spots along the production line reveal the horrific first moments in the lives of the recently born hatchlings, at eye level. This same experience is shared by billions of chicks hatched inside meat industry hatcheries all over the world.

Debeaking of Female Baby Chicks

Miserable female chicks get debeaked by scorching blades moments after birth. Instead of a loving mother touch, this is what they get. Debeaking is a routine process in the shameful egg industry. Please, don't support it. (Kinder World)

Watch "A Chick's First Day" on YouTube

Baby chicks' first day of life is hell. Experience what it's like from their perspective. Male chicks are worthless to the egg industry, so every year, millions of them are tossed into the trash and grind ALIVE!!!