The Dairy Industry in 60 Seconds Flat

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Where do cheese, milk, and even ice cream come from? Go behind the scenes in the dairy industry for just one minute. 

More information:  Watch "Cowspiracy". It may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet.

Got Misery? Milk Does

Vegan Visits Dairy Farm

By Earthling Ed

I will never forget the hours spent at this place and the horrific things that I saw whilst there.  take a 22 day vegan challenge ➝

Milk is not good for human's health and cow's life = end this killing

A Mother Dairy Cow Crying for Her Stolen Calf

Mother cow cry for baby

On dairy farms large and small, including on "humane certified" and "animal welfare approved" dairy farms, calves are stolen from their mothers within hours of birth. Isolated in lonely hutches for their first 2 to 4 months of life, or confined in "group pens" with other forcibly orphaned calves, they never get to know their mothers, or to experience the maternal warmth and nurturing they instinctively seek.  


Cow’s Milk Casomorphin & Autism

Cow's milk causes autism

Opiate-like casomorphins liberated from the cow’s milk protein, casein, are accused of participating in the cause of such conditions as autism, crib death, type I diabetes, postpartum psychosis, circulatory disorders, and food allergies.


2015 Exposė - the dark side of dairy

dairy cow truth

Few people know what happens to cows and their calves in the dairy industry. Even fewer people have seen it for themselves. 


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goat milk sad truth

There is a widely-held belief that goat milk is somehow more ‘humane’ than cow's milk. However, in reality the goat milk industry is just as violent. Both industries forcibly impregnate the females, take their babies away and then milk the distraught mothers as much as possible before forcibly impregnating them yet again. This horrible cycle continues for a few years only to end with slaughter or with the mothers dying from exhaustion on the dairy farms, whichever comes first. (


Slaughterhouse: 5 Unimaginable Scenes

slaughterhouse truth

Five devastating scenes from inside a slaughterhouse. How could such a place exist in a society that aspires to be just?



Lamb Slaughter: The Shocking Reality

Lamb slaughter truth

A leaked video of lamb slaughter in Australia reveals what the meat industry would never want us to see. Besides the brutal killing, the leaked video shows workers kicking decapitated heads of lambs and slamming them to the floor.

This shocking footage of a standard day in a standard killing facility exposes the systematic torture animals endure inside slaughterhouses.

The Australian slaughterhouse featured in this leaked video is called Gathercole's Carrum Downs Abattoir, located in Melbourne, Victoria. The lamb slaughter footage was recorded during January 2018 and released in August 2018 by Leaked Australia.